What would you do, if you were building a bank from scratch?

It’s likely you’re already avid readers of Chris Skinner’s ‘The Finanser’ blog. But if you have been living on the moon you may have somehow missed his weekly insights. In one of his recent blogs he asked himself what he would do if he was launching a new digital bank from scratch today, and as always his musings were interesting.

NatWest announces new online payment service

NatWest launches ‘Payit’, a new online payment service, which allows customers to make instant online payments when shopping, without the need for their debit or credit card. Having already won a string of awards, including Retail Banker International’s ‘Best Customer Facing Technology of the Year’, I’m excited to hear more about it.

Top 50 disruptor list revealed

CNBC has released its ‘Top 50 Disruptors’ list, identifying the companies accelerating at rocket pace. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to scroll down the list and enjoying spotting the company’s you are familiar and those that may spark some curiosity. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

New report looks at the recent impact on banking work processes

81% of financial institution executives believe there will be a greater remote working opportunities in the future – this and other interesting, although not entirely surprising, findings have come out of a recent report by The Digital Banking Report. The report puts a spotlight on adapted work environments, new ways to collaborate, new digital skillsets and new methods of leveraging technology to augment human capabilities.

TikTok’s owners move into banking

According to a report in the FT, TikTok owner ByteDance is making moves into Fintech as the Chinese tech company is negotiating a tie-up with an investment group linked to Singapore’s Lee business family.

Mat Paixao

Commercial Director

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