Survey uncovers how the Covid-crisis has affected Financial Services

A recent survey by Financial Services Club and Ravco Marketing discovered that most FS executives predict the pandemic will mean big changes to the industry and that working from home is here to stay. Watch Chris Skinner discuss some of the survey’s findings in greater length in this video.

Google teams up with 8 banks to offer mobile-first bank accounts

Earlier this month, Google announced that it has teamed up with eight US banks to launch mobile-first bank accounts. The new platform, scheduled for launch in 2021, will be offered via Google Pay App and built on top of the banks’ existing infrastructure.

Twitter poll: what’s the best strategy for large incumbents to compete with new digital banks?

In a recent Twitter poll, master of all things FinTech, Chris Gledhill, asked what the best strategy was for incumbent banks to compete with digital banks. The results showed an even split across all three options (1. buy a digital bank, 2. build their own digital bank or 3. transform themselves into a digital bank). But what about the missing fourth option?

Covid crisis creates digital banking pivot point

PIVOT! (Said in my best ‘Ross from Friends moving a sofa’ voice). I’m seeing this term pop up a lot lately, and in his latest piece for The Financial Brand, Jim Marous looks deeper into the banking pivot point and how banks are (or aren’t in many cases) adapting to customers’ changing needs right now.

UK Insurers get together for digital round table

Much of ContactPartners work is within Financial Services, and some of those clients are from the Insurance Industry. I found this Round Table report from FStech and Information Builders useful in shedding more light on the intense pressure Insurers are under to accelerate their digital transformation strategies.

Mat Paixao

Commercial Director

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