Unsticking incumbent innovation

“Large banks are still working on the assumption that they are cushioned from the impact of disruption due to the size of their customer base and the strength of their brand” – I stumbled upon this interview with Fintech Strategist, Chris Gledhill, talking about innovation in incumbents, and it’s totally worth the read.

Seven essentials of digital transformation

All our clients are looking to do one thing – successfully undergo digital transformation. From fostering innovation to retraining your workforce, take a look at what else made Jim Marous’ list of seven essentials for a bank’s digital transformation.

How NatWest adapted to lockdown

From CBILS loans to branch closures and fraud prevention – NatWest had to transform the way it worked as the pandemic hit and beyond. Business Live talks to two key NatWest leaders in London and the South East about how the bank has been changed by the pandemic – and asks them what comes next.

Digital payments in a post-Covid world

“It’s fair to say that if Covid-19 happened five or 10 years ago, technological capabilities might not have kept up “ – Victoria Yasinetskaya, CMO at PagoFX, recently took over Chris Skinner’s blog to discuss how digital payments are changing the post-Covid world.

Sibos 2020: BNP Paribas interview, plus how big tech companies pose the biggest threat

“Stay close to clients, stay connected with clients and keep the open dialogue going” – Graham Ray, BNP Paribas talks to FinExtra all about acceleration in technology and shift in business strategies as a result of Covid-19. Elsewhere at Sibos 2020, Michael King, Lansdowne Chair in Finance at the University of Victoria said “banks will be more threatened by large technology companies like Chinese techfins such as Alibaba and Tencent. And the big tech companies in North America, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.”

*Oh by the way, we were happy to work on one of the above success stories too!

Mat Paixao

Commercial Director

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