Elegant solutions

Rapid and sustained rewards

Our solutions are unique. Crafted specifically to meet your own, unique business requirements. They're also elegant: a magical blend of the very best, specialist technologies available today, your existing infrastructure and technology investments, considered processes and robust implementation plans. Not least, they're designed to generate significant rewards quickly.

The solutions we refer to in this section are indicative of the type of work we do, but by no means a comprehensive list. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and to find out how we can make contact with your customers rewarding.

Since 1999, ContactPartners has:


Increased customer satisfaction and Service Level adherence by over 10% whilst reducing operational costs by 8% for National Grid Metering by managing inbound demand spikes - case study

Delivered over 1,500 successful corporate deployments of clicktocall technology, enabling click-through connectivity between the Internet and the contact centre

Enabled over 11,000 staff in more than 2,000 separate branch locations to utilise free time to make valuable connections with their customer base for a leading UK retail bank (in less than 5 months)

Improved the customer experience and broke down barriers to sale for John Lewis Financial Services - case study

Redesigned the 'pre-agent' IVR journey for a telecoms & media giant, reducing misdirected calls by 30% and 'hang ups' by half, and, at the same time, increased both sales conversions and net promoter scores by 10%

Rapidly developed and deployed a training and competence auditing solution for a UK bank to mitigate the risk of regulatory non-compliance

Recommended a 'virtual assistant' for Renault that provides comprehensive and clear answers to questions on a wide variety of topics on their website, significantly reducing customer service email volumes

Created a seamless link between the Halifax's website and contact centre, which generated an extra £0.5 million in premium income in less than a year - read the case study

Created a streamlined savings application process for ING Direct, increasing conversions by 20%

Created and rapidly deployed a lead management solution for a leading UK retail bank to manage customer contact promises during complex mortgage application processes

Using proactive clicktocall customer engagement tools, helped a leading media company achieve sales conversions of over 30%

Created an outbound contact management solution for a UK retail bank, integrated with the local telephony infrastructure, servicing over 100 separate campaigns

Reduced abandonment rate by at least 20% for MORE TH>N

Eliminated contact centre calling peaks for Norwich & Peterborough by implementing intelligent queue management technology - case study

Delivered an Internal Communications planning tool for an organisation with over 90,000 UK employees to help get the right message to the right staff at the right time

Helped a global Financial Institution achieve a 12.5% FTE saving